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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As we contemplate which person to trust in business or politics we probably evaluate values, ethics, honesty, integrity and past performance in our own way based on our values etc.  Obviously our trust barometer for Washington's lack of ledership has been difficult to measure and stymied our trust on the effect politics will have on our real estate future and business dynamics for years to come.

Trust is the critical issue so if you can't trust others you should trust yourself, your experience, your gut and your risk tolerance.  Whatever you decide doing nothing is not the answer.  Change is enevitable and requires your trust in your intuitive self to make something happen; do nothing and your standing still while everything around you moves your really going backwards!

Sharpen your saw, renew your confidence and embrace change for a more profitable future.  You can make it happen when you decide to reach for the glass that is half full and view the sky that is partly sunny.   We can help as your real estate advocate; call me when your ready to move forward.  Luck is what you make it.

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